Constitution of Calcium Community Church
Approved February 11, 2018

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Article I - Name
Article II - Purpose
Article III – Church Government & Denominational Affiliations
Article IV - Doctrine & Church Covenant
Article V - General Overview
Article VI - Membership
    1. Qualifications
    2. Reception of Members
    3. Active Members
    4. Inactive Members
    5. Member Instruction and Correction
Article VII – Officers and Board
    Financial Secretary
    Christian Education Superintendent
Article VIII – Standing and Sub-Committees
    Pulpit Nominating
    Pastoral Relations
    Nominating Committee for the Official Board
    Christian Education
    Praise & Worship
Article IX - Meetings
Article X - Amendments to this Constitution

Article I - Name
1. This church, legally incorporated and recognized by the State of New York, is to be known as Calcium Community Church of Calcium, New York, hereinafter referred to as the "Church."

Article II -Purpose
1. The purpose of this Church shall be the advancement of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. It shall seek to attain this end through the public worship of God, the preaching of the gospel of Salvation in Christ Jesus, and Christian living.

Article III – Church Government & Denominational Affiliations
1. The government of this Church is vested in its Membership.
2. Because of its inherent interest in the Kingdom of God and its history and heritage, it recognizes its obligation and privilege to cooperate with other religious bodies having the same objectives. It has chosen to be affiliated and cooperate fully with the North Country Association of ABC/NYS, the American Baptist Churches of New York State and the American Baptist Churches of the U.S.A.
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Article IV – Doctrine
1. This Church follows the Bible as an all-sufficient basis of doctrine and practice as a summary of principles for Christian conduct among its members. The Church further adopts the following Covenant:

Having been led, as we believe, by the spirit of GOD, to receive the LORD JESUS CHRIST as our SAVIOR, and on the profession of faith, and having been baptized into the name of THE FATHER and of THE SON and of THE HOLY SPIRIT, we do now, in the Presence of God and of this assembly, enter into solemn covenant with one another:
    To attend worship services of our Church regularly and uphold the public worship of God;
    To cultivate, by private family prayer and meditation, a life of devotion and consecration to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ;
    To maintain spiritual integrity, sympathy and love in all our relationships with each other;
    To contribute financially, as God prospers us to the support of our Church and to its missions both at home and around the world;
    To give generously and loyally of our time to the activities of our Church;
    To take the Word of God as the guide for our conduct, at home, in business, and in society, remembering always to set a worthy example;
    To bring up those under our care in the knowledge and love of Christ, endeavoring to win them and our fellowmen to the Savior.
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Article V - General Overview
1. To hold a position on the Board a person must be an Active Member of the Church. A person may serve more than one term if nominated and elected.
2. The election of all Officers shall take place at the Annual Meeting and such elected Officers shall take office immediately following their election.
3. A chairperson shall be elected for one year immediately after the Annual Meeting by the Officers, and his/her duty shall be to preside at all business meetings of the Board. In the absence of the chairperson at any meeting, one of the Board members present will act as co-chair.
4. An Office may be declared vacant by the Official Board for absence from four consecutive Board meetings or otherwise not properly discharging the duties of such Office.
5. Vacancies on the Board may be filled by an appointment of the Board until the next annual meeting of the Church.
6. Unbudgeted expenditures in excess of $2,000.00 must be voted upon by the Membership.
7. Emergency expenditures may be approved by the chairperson of the Official Board.
8. Proposed annual budget will be jointly prepared by the Treasurer, Financial Secretary, one Deacon and one Trustee for presentation and approval at the annual meeting.
9. This Constitution may be challenged in writing in any point by any Member at any time. Board will review challenges and take action in a timely manner, responding as may be deemed appropriate.
10. Any candidate for any Board or Committee position must be of good reputation and clearly demonstrate firm Christian character as described in Scripture, freely and readily willing to serve in the name of Jesus Christ.
11. Any objections to a candidate for any position must be heard by the Official Board before conferring approval of that candidate.
12. While in service, any Officer or Committee member may be challenged as to their qualification(s), competency or ability to serve effectively. Board will review challenges and take action in a timely manner, responding as may be deemed appropriate. (See also Article VI Section 5 paragraph 2.)
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Article VI – Membership
Section 1 - Qualifications
1. Any person professing faith in Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and who subscribes to the Church Covenant and to this Constitution, and has been baptized, may be admitted into membership.
2. All active Members 18 years of age or older in regular attendance of this Church may vote on all matters pertaining to the church where allowed by this Constitution. An active Member must be present to vote; no absentee ballots will be accepted though qualified exceptions may be made at the discretion of Official Board.

Section 2 – Reception of Members
1. Persons may be received into membership upon the recommendation of the Pastor (or in Pastor's absence, the Board) and majority vote of the Membership with any of the following:
    A. By receiving Baptism on profession of faith in Christ as their Savior.
    B. By presenting a Letter of Good Standing from a Christian Church and evidence of baptism.
    C. By profession of faith and Christian experience, and profession of baptism.
2. Baptism by immersion is the established practice of this Church. Persons unable to be baptized by immersion may, at the discretion of the pastor and Official Board be baptized by an alternate method of sprinkling or pouring.
3. Any objections to a candidate must be heard by the Official Board before conferring Membership.

Section 3 - Active Members Defined
1. Members will be considered active if they participate in the life of the church as outlined in the Church Covenant. Newly received Members will be considered Active.
2. Members may remain Active if they are physically unable to attend for health, employment, or similar reasons, at the discretion of the Official Board.

Section 4 - Inactive Members Defined
1. Inactive: Members will be classified as inactive when they cease to fulfill the requirements for Active Members as stated above.

Section 5. Member Instruction and Correction
1. Standard instruction to be wholly based on general Bible precepts, with emphasis on the teachings of Jesus. Various versions of Holy Scripture may be utilized to best effect for well-rounded understanding.
2. Corrective measures for behavior unbecoming of Christian character to be administered by Board with careful examination and review, prayerfully confronted, with all corrections guided per biblical examples. (See also Article V Paragraph 10.)
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Article VII - Officers and Board
Section 1 - The Officers of this Church will consist of
    * one Pastor
    * one Clerk
    * one Financial Secretary
    * one Treasurer
    * three Trustees
    * three Deacons
    * one Christian Education Superintendent
and together will constitute the Official Board (hereinafter referred to as "Board") of the Church. Officers may serve more than one term if nominated and approved. Together, the Board is responsible for general oversight of all spiritual and physical concerns of the Church. All committees and sub-committees are responsible to the Board. Officers will conduct themselves at all times as is expected of followers of Christ Jesus our Lord. Subject to unspecified circumstances at any time, offices may be modified or amended at the discretion of this Board and Membership.

Section 2 - Pastor
1. Only such a person as is qualified by Christian character, ability and education, and whose credentials are recognized by the American Baptist Church/New York State and the American Baptist Church/USA shall serve as pastor of this Church.
2. The pastor shall advise in the spiritual direction of the church and
    A. Preach the Gospel
    B. Administer the Ordinances of Baptism and Communion
    C. Oversee Marriages, Funerals, Counseling, Visitation and the Dedication of Children to God
and is a non-voting ex-officio member of all boards and committees.
3. Pastor shall watch over the Membership, promote the spiritual interests of the Church, organize and develop its strength for the best possible service.
4. Pastor shall be chosen by a three-fourths vote of all qualified voters present and voting upon recommendation of a pulpit committee at a meeting of the Church regularly and duly called for that purpose.
5. The term of office shall be indefinite, a vote of confidence being proposed at every Annual Meeting.
6. Pastor's position may be terminated by either party by giving at least a sixty day notice. Initiation of action by the Church may be approved by a three-fourths vote of all qualified Members.

Section 3 -  Clerk
1. Clerk shall be elected annually to serve for one year; shall keep a complete and accurate record of the minutes of all meetings and Members of the Church; shall see that necessary notices of meetings of the Church are given, and that notice of the Annual Meeting is read on each of the two Sundays preceding the Annual Meeting.
2. Qualifications - Ability to perform as required above, including use of appropriate computer programs as necessary.

Section 4 - Financial Secretary
1. Financial Secretary shall be elected annually to serve for one year; shall receive all monies, keep an accurate account of the same and deposit them to the appropriate Church checking account; shall keep track of each person’s donations for the year and provide them with a statement at the end of the calendar year.
2. Qualifications - Ability to perform as required above, including use of appropriate computer programs as necessary.

Section 5 - Treasurer
1. Treasurer shall be elected annually to serve for one year and shall keep separate accounts of the monies received from the financial secretary for the support of the Church. All disbursements are to be made in keeping with the mandates of the approved budget or be approved by the Board.
2. Qualifications - Ability to perform as required above, including use of appropriate computer programs as necessary.

Section 6 - Trustees
1. Trustees shall be elected for a term of one year. Their duties include
    A. Oversight of the business matters of the church in accordance with the laws of the State of New York.
    B. Keeping the building in good physical repair, serviceable for any normal use.
    C. Where possible, to provide knowledge and competent ability in performing routine services as necessary.
    D. Oversight of janitorial cleanliness of all areas used in normal Church services as well as seasonal grounds maintenance.
2. Qualifications include ability as required above per business matters; basic understanding of all general building systems (water, heating, electrical etc), reasonable handyman skills and/or the ability to see tasks through to proper completion.

Section 7 - Deacons
1. Deacons shall be elected for a term of one year. Their duties include
    A. Assisting candidates for baptism and membership.
    B. Preparation of the Lord’s Supper (and serving same in the absence of Pastor).
    C. Collection of tithes and offerings.
    D. Overseeing of worship services in the absence of a Pastor.
    E. Relay of comments to the Board and/or Pastor as appropriate.
2. Qualifications include ability to perform as required above and as outlined in Scripture.

Section 8 - Christian Education Superintendent
1. Superintendent will choose educational materials, oversee instruction of classes, and keep pertinent records as to attendance, student advancement, etc.
2. Primarily related to classes and education for youth and children.
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Article VIII – Standing Committees
1. A Member may serve on more than one Committee if suitably qualified for such service and is Board approved.
2. Committees may determine their own meeting time(s) and location(s) as deemed appropriate for the performance of their tasks.

Section 1 - Pulpit Nominating Committee
1. When required, a representative pulpit committee of five Active Members shall be selected by the Membership for the purpose of investigating and recommending names of possible candidates for pastor. This committee will operate according to the guidelines for Search Committees through American Baptist Churches NYS/USA.
2. Presentation of the Candidate
    A. When the Committee is ready to present a pastoral candidate, it shall inform each Active Member at least two weeks in advance and include candidate's name, qualifications and date of visit for presentation.
3. - Procedure for voting upon Candidate
    A. On the date of the prospective pastor’s visit a sermon will be delivered by him/her. Directly following this service a special meeting of Active Members and Board members will be held. At this time the candidate will be voted upon by discreet ballot. To constitute a quorum in which to vote it will be necessary for one-half of Active Members to be present. In order to approve a candidate as pastor, a three-quarters majority vote of those Active Members present will be necessary.

Section 2 - Pastoral Relations Committee
1. The pastoral relations committee consists of three Members. One shall be elected by Active Members at the annual meeting; one shall be appointed by the pastor (or a designated substitute); and, one shall be elected by the new Board at the annual meeting.
2. The duties of this committee are to serve as an advisory group to the pastor, bringing concerns of the congregation to the pastor; and as an advocacy group for the pastor’s leadership in the congregation.
3. The committee should meet at least twice a year and conduct its business as outlined in the booklet “The Pastoral Relations Committee” published by ABC/USA.

Section 3 - Nominating Committee for the Official Board
1. A nominating committee of three Active Members shall be appointed by the Board at the February monthly meeting. One member of this committee shall be from the Board and will serve as chairperson. Two members of this committee shall be from the Active Membership.
2. The duties of this committee shall be to select nominees for all elective offices of the Church and to place/present those nominations before the annual meeting.
3. It will also be their duty to provide written ballot sheets. Other nominations may be presented from the floor at the annual meeting by Active Church Members providing that the person being nominated is present.
4. The committee will present to all Active Members by written notice a list of proposed nominees two weeks prior to the annual Board meeting.

Section 4 - Christian Education Committee (only in absence of CE Superintendent)
1. There shall be a Christian Education Committee consisting of at least two Members plus one deacon.
2. This committee will recommend proposed Sunday School teachers and youth leaders for Board approval and acceptance.
3. This committee will choose the Sunday School curriculum and will keep all Sunday School records.

Section 5 - Missions Committee
1. Committee consists of at least two Members plus one deacon. They shall have responsibility for missions education and promotion in the church.
2. They shall establish goals for special mission offerings, and shall promote American Baptist Church mission endeavors as well as other local, area or worldwide mission endeavors.

Section 6 - Praise & Worship Committee
1. Comprised of two Members and one deacon.
2. They will review, select, prepare and present appropriate music and songs for worship services.

Section 7 - Constitution Committee
1. Consists of at least three Members.
2. This Constitution is to be considered a Living Document, due in part to Article X Paragraph 1 herein, and shall be revisited annually but no later than the December regular Board meeting.
3. Committee will annually review/revisit the Constitution for appropriateness and accuracy in its scope and presentation.
4. Suggested amendments and/or adjustments should reflect the updated needs of the Church, if any, with placement therein made where suitable for clarity and brevity.
5. All suggested or necessary amendments or adjustments should be prepared and made available to Members for voting per Article X Paragraph 1 herein.
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Article IX - Meetings
1. Annual Meeting
    A. The annual business meeting of the Church will be held the third Sunday in January immediately following the morning worship service for the purpose of the election of the Church officers and reading of annual reports and such other business as may come before said meeting.
    B. The chairperson or a selected alternate shall be the presiding officer. (Chair voting rules apply.)
    C. This meeting will be announced from the pulpit two consecutive Sundays preceding the date of the meeting.
    D. Two-thirds of the Active Membership shall be necessary to constitute a quorum for this meeting.

2. Monthly Meetings
    A. Meetings of the Board shall be held monthly at which time regular reports of the pastor, clerk, deacons, trustees, financial secretary, treasurer and CE superintendent may be presented in verbal and/or written form per clerk, and acted upon as required.
    B. A copy of each report (if available) should be made part of the clerk’s minutes.
    C. Two-thirds of Board members must be present to hold the monthly business meeting. However, in the event that this is not possible, the treasurer is empowered to pay only such expenditures which are normal budget items.
    D. The pastor is not a voting member of the Board.
    E. The chairperson will only vote in the event of a tie.
    F. All Members are encouraged to attend monthly business meetings to remain first-hand informed and aware of ongoing Church business.
    G. Only Officers of the Board may make motions and vote on any matter unless otherwise noted herein.

3. Order of Meetings
A. The order of business for all business meetings of the Church is suggested as follows:
B. Meeting called to order; opening prayer; reading of minutes of previous meeting for review; report of officers; report of committees; unfinished business; elections (at annual meeting) or filling of vacancies; discussion of old business, discussion of new business, closing prayer and adjournment.
C. Roberts' Rules of Order shall be used in all meetings.
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Article X - Amendments to this Constitution
1. This constitution may be amended, modified, or rescinded by consent of two/thirds of the Members present and voting at any regular meeting open to all Members, provided notice of the intended change has been given to all Members in writing at least two weeks before action is to be taken upon it, or by public announcement from the pulpit at each regular worship service on not less than three successive Sundays immediately prior to the date of said meeting.

(signed) The Constitution Committee, January 24, 2018: Donna Pillsbury, Penni Fuller, Blake Dehner, Len Hamilton.

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