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About Us

Calcium Community Church is a New Testament church of congregational heritage with historic Baptist flavor and a strong democratic bent.

We are a local, autonomous, family church that traces it's roots back to the 1800's. From our early beginnings through today, we are a truly diverse congregation of various opinions and doctrinal persuasions including Baptist, Christian Church, Episcopal, Methodist, Presbyterian, Catholic, Congregational and others.

But this truth bonds us together: We believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the one, true, living God. Members of Calcium Community Church follow Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Jesus is the One Who brought forgiveness to us while we were hopeless and lost in sin. The blood of His sacrifice covers our sins.

We are among the least deserving, and most thankful. We worship Him because He is God. We praise Him because He is worthy. We proclaim Him because He is gracious, merciful, kind, and we believe in His power to forgive sin.

We associate with other local churches, regional and area groups who share the common goal of serving the King and building the Kingdom, with no particular preference or respect for denomination. We support national and worldwide associations including American Baptist Church-USA and its International Ministries, the Gideons and InterAct Ministries expressly for the purpose of participating in the largest mission outreach efforts possible.

We look forward to His return and will serve Him on earth until that glorious day!

Calcium Community Church, 26816 NYS Route 342, Calcium NY 13616 - - Phone (315) 788-3823
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