Leadership and oversight of Calcium Community Church operations is the responsibility of our Board of Elders. They meet for Church business following morning Worship the 2nd Sunday of each month. Meetings are open to everyone, and all are encouraged to attend and participate.

Our current Board of Elders is comprised of the following: Chairman of the Board, Clerk, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, 3 Deacons, 3 Trustees and other Church Officers.

From our Constitution: "The Official Board is responsible for general oversight of all spiritual and physical concerns of the church. All committees and sub-committees are responsible to the Official Board."

Persons serving in Official Board of Elders positions include:
  • Corporate Officers
    • Chairman, Dan Russell
    • Clerk, Blake Dehner
    • Financial Secretary, Penni Fuller
    • Treasurer, Betty Cooper
    • Deacon, Ruthi Rafus
    • Deacon, Donna Pillsbury
    • Trustee, Dan Russell
    • Trustee, Dan Fuller
    • Trustee, Roger Keltner
  • other Board Member positions include:
    • Education Superintendent, Ami Gydesen
    • Hospitality Chairman, (unappointed at this time)

Anyone listed above may be contacted indirectly through the Church office at 788-3823 or via email sent to family@CalciumChurch.com.

Calcium Community Church, 26816 NYS Route 342, Calcium NY 13616 - - Phone (315) 788-3823