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Christian Missionaries minister to the world as representatives of Christ Jesus.

With the world seemingly coming apart around us, many people have taken the exploding crises to heart, responding in a fashion worthy of note.

Christian missionaries have been chided for taking Bibles to Haiti, when there have been so many other obvious and immediate physical needs. But they have also been recognized for their amazing self-sacrifice and blazing fast response to also meet those other needs with medical care, shelter, food and water.

We support missionaries throughout the world through our connection with International Ministries, an agency supported through gifts to ABC-USA. We also support missionaries' work directly, in Siberia (the Gilberts) and others through our regular church offerings. Your tithes & offerings to Calcium Community Church help to make these things possible.

If you'd like to contribute directly to an individual cause or organization, there are many opportunities to join forces with others who also care enough to share. See our Links section.

Missionary efforts will always continue regardless of media attention. Missionaries will be there regardless of earthquakes, sunamis, hurricanes or other natural disasters, and will continue to invest their lives and our resources in helping people there. Your gifts will be well used.

"Why does God allow such suffering?" and "Why is it always the poor that suffer the most?" are questions Christians must face often, but especially in crisis times. One might also ask, "Why do we seem to care about the poor only in times of crisis?" or "Will we finally do something now?" We need to be Christ in our world 24/7/365, but certainly, and especially, now.

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