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Worship is arguably the most important thing that we do as a church.

Our Father God is worthy of worship and praise. In worship, we are drawn together as family into the presence of God for the purposes of offering honor, glory and reverence. He meets us in the time and space of worship, blessing and restoring us with healing, joy and confidence.

We are knit together in worship. We are renewed. Our hurts are healed, transgressions are transformed, and misses are re-aimed for the mission of Christ. We learn to be like Him by spending intentional time with Him. It works when we are excited to be here, and it works when we're not. Worship is our life-restoring exercise for the week. It is the discipline that works, keeping us on track as believers.

Our worship time is always participatory, though the entire congregation is encouraged to join in the singing, scripture reading, prayer, testimonies, offerings and more.

Our current Sunday Morning mode of worship is generally "contemporary-traditional," with praise & worship songs as well as hymns and a fairly standard Order of Service:

* We light a candle every Sunday, calling us to prayer for our soldiers serving worldwide, and their families.
* Worship leaders attend to the announcements of the day and calls us worship.
* Our children are called to worship by the Children's Church Ministry Leaders.
* Our singing is lead by our Worship Team or accompanied by CD, piano, and occasionally guitar and/or other instruments. (If your talents include musical instruments, we would invite you to share with us!)
* After we sing a few songs, we "pass the plate" to receive Tithes and Offerings.
* Our elders, serving each week as pastor, preach and teach from the Bible, calling us to commit to live a disciple's life.
* After a concluding hymn of the end of Service, we dismiss to enjoy informal fellowship and refreshments.

Our midweek program starts at 6 pm, Wednesday evening, with music practice. We have a Women's Bible Study in the main fellowship hall and a Men's Bible Study upstairs, each starting at 7:00 pm.

We are currently in need of someone to assist in youth programs. If you think God might be leading you to work with youth, if you have gifts or talents that might be useful for working with youth, please step forward and let us know!

We have special services around holidays, at times and places as announced. We hope to soon launch an evening worship service on Sundays, for those unable to attend mornings and for those who simply enjoy worship so much that once or twice a week is not enough!

Church and discipleship training courses are offered "as announced," and are usually scheduled for Sunday evenings. Recent courses included "An Introduction to Christian Service" and Deacon Training. Future courses may include: Christian Educator Courses (Teacher Training); additional deacon training and service courses; and others, as interest or as needs are expressed or become obvious. Courses are announced in morning worship, in occasional newsletters, and on the home page of this site as they are planned.

Calcium Community Church, 26816 NYS Route 342, Calcium NY 13616 - - Phone (315) 788-3823